Oem Monkey Sport Bar Chrome

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We realize that you have a choice when choosing the correct set of handlebars for your bike. We are absolutely positive that we offer the best designs and quality available. So when choosing a bar, remember, all bars are definitely NOT created equal. Bagger Nation fans asked us for a low slung bar for their Road Glides and Road Kings, and they also wanted more pullback so they weren’t left stretching forward to reach traditional drag bars. So, we combined the classic style of our OEM Monkey Bars with our signature tightly bent uprights with good pullback and BAM, the Monkey Sport Bar is born! These high-style bars have tons of attitude and all the comfort that our original OEM Monkey Bars are famous for. They feature the exact same natural hand position as our OEM bars, they are 33 inches wide, with a 6” rise and over 9” of pull back! So if it’s a low slung profile you crave, our Monkey Sport Bars deliver!