Cardo/Simpson Packtalk Edge Communication System

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Cardo/Simpson Packtalk Edge Communication System


Operated by Natural Voice. Our Natural Voice operated engine rids you from the need to press a button again. Just say "hey Cardo" and tell it what you want, your Packtalk Edge will do the rest. Universal Bluetooth connectivity. Packtalk Edge connects with any other Bluetooth intercom system of any brand. Waterproof. No matter what you throw at it, your waterproof Packtalk Edge will take the beating and keep you connected. Universal installation. Easy to install in most motorcycle helmets, of any brand. *Product shown installed on a Simpson Mod Bandit for reference, Simpson Packtalk Edge does NOT include a helmet.


  • Connect with up to 15 riders, with Bluetooth 5.2 or Cardo’s proprietary Dynamic Mesh technology
  • Listen to music, use your phone to make and receive calls, listen to GPS instructions, connect with your TFT
  • 2nd gen Dynamic Mesh communications with your passenger
  • Range 1 mile rider to rider, group Dynamic Mesh up to 5 miles.
  • Air Mount magnetic mounting system
  • Voice activated operation with multilingual announcements
  • 13 hour talk time, 2 hour charge time, 10 day standby
  • 40mm JBL speakers with automatic volume control
  • Software updates over the air with Cardo Connect App
  • 3 year warranty