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Geezer Engineering 50-55 2” drop Triple-Trees for Performance Baggers

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GeezerEngineering 50-55 2” drop Triple-Trees for Performance Baggers

Unleash the full performance potential of your Harley touring model!

Fast cornering! Superior quality at a very competitive price!


  • We have designed triple trees that change the front end geometry for much better cornering – be it canyon carving, track days and racing.
  • Our trees reduce trail to 5.1” with 29” long fork legs such as used on GSXR motorcycles (not included) in combination with stock Harley wheels.*
  • Wheels and brake rotors need custom spacers. Check compatible rotor sizes (i.e. many late GSXR models require rotors with 320mm).
  • The fork lock tab on the backbone needs to be removed so the top triple tree has clearance for proper steering angles.
  • Not compatible with Road King nacelles and fairings or instrument housings
  • Aluminum parts have been machined from 6061-T6. Hard anodized for smooth and best UV stability to prevent discoloration of exposed parts
  • Neck stem machined from 4140 steel and plated for superior strength and corrosion protection; Hardware set is made of 304 stainless steel
  • Ample clamping area to provide maximum strength (3 bolts on the lower and 2 bolts on the upper triple tree
  • Our Triple-Tree Kit was designed in the USA. All our products undergo a secondary domestic quality control process before they are shipped.


  • Upper Tree
  • Lower Tree
  • Neck Stem and 25mm wheel axle with nut
  • Stainless steel hardware set
  • Front wheel axle with nut for GSXR 1000 fork legs Non-ABS