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GeezerEngineering 49 mm 2” drop Triple-Trees for Performance Baggers - short trail models!

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GeezerEngineering 49mm 2” drop triple trees for Performance Baggers – short trail models FOR RACE USE ONLY!

Unleash the full performance potential of your Harley touring model on the racetrack and for canyon carving!

Ultra-short trail for very fast turn-ins and great response to steering input!


  • Same geometry as our 50-55 and 50-54 triple trees but set up for 49mm fork legs. If you already have invested in performance fork internals like our nitrogen cartridges but want to add 2” in ride height for improved lean angles – here’s your solution! Our new triple trees change the front end geometry for much better cornering – be it canyon carving, track days and racing.
  • Our trees reduce trail to 5.1” with 29” long OEM fork legs in combination with stock Harley wheels.* Please contact us with your bike’s specific configuration for precise trail information.
  • Center on center width of the triple trees is set to OEM width so that OEM and fully compatible parts will bolt right back on!
  • The fork lock tab on the backbone needs to be removed so the top triple tree has clearance for proper steering angles. Not compatible with OEM fork locks.
  • Not compatible with Road King nacelles and fairings or instrument housings
  • Aluminum parts have been machined from 6061-T6. Hard anodized for smooth appearance and best UV stability to prevent discoloration of exposed parts.
  • Neck stem machined from 4140 steel and plated for superior strength and corrosion protection; Hardware set is made of 304 stainless steel
  • Ample clamping area to provide maximum strength (3 bolts on the lower and 2 bolts on the upper triple tree
  • Our Triple-Tree Kit was designed in the USA. All our products undergo a secondary domestic quality control process before they are shipped.


  • Upper Tree
  • Lower Tree
  • Neck Stem and top lock nut
  • Stainless steel hardware set