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set of 2 14-inch 5-Bolt Hub Floating Brake Rotor for BUILDER SERIES inverted forks with RADIAL calipers only

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5-Bolt Hub Style 14-inch Stainless Steel Floating Rotors FOR BUILDER SERIES FORKS ONLY! 

Our stainless-steel rotors have been machined from 420 stainless steel to very tight tolerances. They are floating rotors, meaning they have room to ‘float’ on the shoulders of the mounting rivets against the resistance of stainless-steel washers. This helps to keep them in line, removes dirt and reduces ‘hot spots’ and heat build-up. Our design results in much better heat dissipation and reduces the risk of distorted rotors.

Increases braking performance by over 30% - race-proven!

The large diameter 14-inch as opposed to OEM 11.8-inch increases braking power by over 30%. This is a major performance upgrade for the brakes – especially important for heavy touring models!

Other Styles & Combination Recommendations:

Available also for Enforcer Style wheels and fully compatible aftermarket wheels. Add our matching 11.8-inch rear brake rotor to make it a complete kit.

Installation may require the use of shims to compensate for variances on wheel, fork sliders, calipers etc.